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This is where the general information for the campaign will be posted. Setting-specific stuff will be in the links.

To start off with, the character are starting this campaign in the town of Falstaff after saving a number of people from the town of Winterhaven during a Cryxian attack. Falstaff is in Occupied Llael, just west of the Black River.

FEAT POINTS: As a general rule: any entities (steamjack or otherwise) that a character controls that are eligible to get a Feat Point, but cannot use it themselves, automatically give that feat point to their controller.

AMMO: I WILL be making you keep track of ammo. Shit be expensive, and you not tracking it makes riflemen and other gunslingers unfairly good.

ACTION DESCRIPTIONS: I like things that are dumb. I like things that are hilarious. I like the games I run to be cinematic and awesome. To help make this happen I will be taking a page from Exalted: if a character describes his action really well, at GM discretion I will award a positive modifier to your attack, damage, or both. Attempting extra silly and dumb things may also net you a bonus, purely because of how hilariously awesome they are. This does NOT mean that you will not also have penalties – but the bonuses might help offset some or all of the problems associated with wall jumps and the like.

PRE-MEASURING: This is not Warmachine. This is an RPG, where we like to imagine that the characters are more badass and have a pretty solid understanding of the space they are fighting in. You can measure anything on the table at any time for any reason.

EXTRA XP: I will be awarding extra XP for the following things, at my discretion. It is the job of the PLAYERS to notify the GM when they do something here and want to get the XP for it. The time for these reminders (and the associated XP) is AT THE GAMING SESSION.
- 1 XP: A character background – whether that’s in story form, or a series of questions (a la Balasar and Salvador’s offerings), anything will do.
- 1 XP: Creation of a character page on this website. Character pages are cool, and help eveyrone keep track of who you are and what you can do.
- 1 XP: Making a journal/record of the gaming session, in character. There is a place on the website for that stuff, and if you share what your character thought there you will be rewarded – maybe not every week, and maybe only if it looks particularly awesome, but this is the best way to rack up the extra XP.
- 1 XP: Creation of a unique character mini. Anyone can use a stock model, but if you make it your own, even if it’s just a little greenstuff work or a weapon swap, you’ll get a bonus. Oh, and you’ll be way cooler, too.

Falstaff Bounty Board


Any careers are appropriate. Occupied Llael is home to all races, and former Trenchers might end up working with former Iron Fangs in this mercenary company.

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