Corvinus Jameson

Short and slight, with a face devoid of emotion.


Corvinus was raised to believe in two things: Cygnar, and discipline. Most times, there wasn’t much difference between the two at all. The discipline of the Cygnus was drilled into him, by lash and rod, every day of his young life. By the time he was old enough to understand this message, he’d been indelibly marked by it. His life was going to be un-diluted and pure, and he was going to stay true to the Cygnaran Crown with his last breath. He left home at 14 with thin scars on his arms, hands, back and face as testament to his conviction to this ideal.

He was pulled out of military academy at 16, singled out for his exceptional intellect and attention to detail. Put in front of a demanding and exacting beak-nosed man, he was asked to prove his devotion to maintaining the purity of the Cygnaran spirit. As the life left the Menite dog’s veins below him, a surge of power and sense of perfect calm and peace came upon Corvinus like nothing he had ever experienced before. This…this was what he’d been waiting for his entire life. He’d finally found a way to fulfill the promise he made to his father when he left home.

The man turned out to be from a newly-created Cygnaran Inquisition, charged by Vinter to root out the sources of corruption in the kingdom and destroy them. Corvinus was content, for a time. He rose quickly through the ranks, and by his 22nd year he was entrusted with the tracking and extermination of rogue Menite cells in all of Cygnar. Every kill made in his liege’s name was a greater affirmation of his commitment to the cause. He was living his dream.

This could not last, of course, and the coming of the Lion’s Coup brought this dream to a crashing, burning halt. Having heard of the rebellion mere days before it began, Corvinus, being in Sul at the time, was in no position to act. He watched helplessly from the sidelines, and left Cygnar for Ord, plotting the overthrow of the new, illegitimate government the whole time. He spent months preying on the fledgling ruler’s shipments using his contacts on the inside who maintained loyalties to Vinter, and reaped a very wealthy living off the part of the proceeds he didn’t channel into anti-Leto groups. Eventually, the government in Ord realized he was using their country as a base and started hunting him down, attempting to gain traction with Leto in Cygnar.

Dispossessed by a country once again, Corvinus left for Khador, nothing but the horse he rode in on to his name. He began a semi-legitimate existence in Khador as a Bounty Hunter, in order to avoid too much digging into his more illicit activities. While he ostensibly hunted for bounties by day, he continued to use his contacts in Cygnar to strike out from Khador into Ord and attempt to disrupt that budding friendship. Years passed without much change for Corvinus, and his commitment to the crown waned correspondingly. He started to actually hunt the bounties he had been taking for cover, and left for Ord more and more seldomly, preferring to pick on the easier targets of Kayazy Merchant Caravans and traveling lordlings. His existence was centered around the money he needed to live and the money he needed to keep his presence quiet from Cygnar.

In the present, Corvinus has basically entirely given up on the “real” Cygnar. Somewhere in the depths of his soul he knows the country could be great again, but with little enough indication in that direction in the last 25 years, he’s chosen to ignore his true calling in favor of just…living. Eventually, he will find a cause to believe in the Cygnus again. He’ll be an even more dangerous man, then.

Corvinus Jameson

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